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  • Home / Why Ursuline? / Success Stories

    Success Stories

    After immersing themselves in a liberal arts education rooted in the Catholic traditions of social justice and intellectual inquiry, Ursuline grads go on to make the world more.

    Ursuline college students graduation day with parents 25

    Don't take our word for it. These students and grads tell you -- in their own words -- why they chose Ursuline, how Ursuline has helped them build a career, and what they strive for now. Their motivations, their career paths and their dreams for the future are all different. Their love for Ursuline is pretty similar.

    Garrett Wineberg

    Garrett WinebergUndergraduate RN to BSN

    We as nurses from Ursuline are the healing hands that people seek in desperate times.

    Alexandria Petit

    Alexandria Petit

    Ursuline was a good fit for me both academically and athletically.

    Elizabeth Eck

    Elizabeth Eck

    Ursuline shaped me into a better leader.

    Trinity Bernard

    Trinity Bernard

    Ursuline expanded my vision of what I thought I could do.

    Sveidy Vasquez-Garcia

    Sveidy Vasquez-Garcia

    Ursuline helped me gain the confidence I needed to choose a career path.

    Morgan Lewis

    Morgan Lewis

    The Humanities Program helped me find my voice.

    Faith Geho

    Faith GehoBSN Undergraduate Nursing

    Your involvement as a student nurse is more important than you think.

    Elyse Pitkin

    Elyse PitkinUndergraduate English

    My Ursuline education struck me like a bolt of energy, enlightenment, and ambition.

    Marcella McHenry

    Marcella McHenryUndergraduate English

    My Ursuline education inspired me to pursue law school.

    Gabrielle Post

    Gabrielle PostEducation major, English minor

    My student-teaching experience made me the teacher I am today.

    Leslie Cancelliere

    Leslie CancelliereCounseling and Art Therapy

    I come from a long line of Ursuline educated women.

    Sarah Roman

    Sarah RomanCounseling and Art Therapy

    I was encouraged to push my educational limits while still being afforded guidance and assurance I was on...

    Hope Dangler

    Hope DanglerCounseling and Art Therapy

    This is a program that allows a student to explore the dynamic Cleveland culture while becoming a young...

    William Svoboda

    William SvobodaEducational Administration & Principal Licensure

    William Svoboda has been named president/principal of Trinity High School in Garfield Heights, Ohio.

    Julia Judd

    Julia JuddHistoric Preservation

    The Historic Preservation Program put me on the fast-track to obtaining a job in the field right out of...

    Jason Lewis

    Jason LewisTheological and Pastoral Studies

    Ursuline provided me with the foundation I needed to manage my career in the Catholic Church, not just as...

    Malia Ali

    Malia AliEnglish

    The program offered here is personalized and perfect!

    Ashley Serraglio

    Ashley SerraglioEnglish

    You have so many more opportunities from an English degree than even I ever thought possible.

    Haleigh Platt

    Haleigh PlattGraphic Design major, English minor

    An education in English or the humanities at Ursuline is beneficial no matter what career path you follow...

    Mark Harris

    Mark HarrisTheological and Pastoral Studies

    Ursuline was able to provide the face-to-face interaction and the interaction with other students that I...

    Christine Olson

    Christine OlsonAccelerated Business Management

    My academic advisor made a world of difference. She was always an email or phone call away and always...

    Kristi Copez

    Kristi CopezTheological and Pastoral Studies

    I was intrigued by the progressive ideas and openly spiritual and creative perspective that Ursuline...

    Mary Abuamsha

    Mary AbuamshaStudio Art

    I had so much responsibility and I felt wanted and respected. I just loved that.

    Shondayna Goss

    Shondayna GossBusiness Management

    I can use the skills and knowledge I have learned at Ursuline to advance in my career.

    Addisen Holt

    Addisen HoltBio, Chem, Exercise Science

    I can't think of anyone along my path that hasn't been encouraging.

    Rachel Hollander

    Rachel HollanderTheological and Pastoral Studies

    If you thrive in a more personalized learning environment, where diversity of all kinds is respected...

    Rebekah Hardy

    Rebekah HardyPsychology and Education

    There’s really been a focus here on the quality of your work, not so much the quantity of it.

    Michaela Brown

    Michaela BrownUndergraduate Nursing

    Ursuline has exposed me to advanced nursing careers and has opened my eyes to continuing my education...

    Laci Gross

    Laci GrossFashion

    I was able to get a job that I love and that is also in my field so quickly after college.

    Logan Feldkamp

    Logan FeldkampTheological and Pastoral Studies

    The professors are extremely understanding of personal situations and work with you to make sure that...

    Suzanne Staraitis, DO

    Suzanne Staraitis, DOBiology Major

    Ursuline chose me. My professors saw potential in me I didn't realize was there.

    Katie McConnell Davis, D.O.

    Katie McConnell Davis, D.O.Biology

    I like to think that my devotion to patients partly stemmed from Ursuline's core values!

    William Koch, MBS

    William Koch, MBSHonors Biology, Chemistry Minor

    I was able to make lasting relationships and create a foundational voice for myself in the field of...

    Ty’Meka Reeves-Sobers

    Ty’Meka Reeves-SobersLegal Studies

    The one-on-one advice and attention in the UCAP program were critical to my success.

    Matthew Rich

    Matthew RichSocial Work

    My education and field placement have prepared me for a future I used to only dream about.

    Victoria Gallagher

    Victoria GallagherOnline Social Work program

    I can be an advocate for oppressed populations and work to change social policies.

    Mia Noce

    Mia NoceFashion Design

    Ursuline was truly the best decision for me.

    Anna Schumm

    Anna SchummFashion Design + Fashion Merchandising

    From the first moment I stepped onto campus, I had the feeling it was exactly where I needed to be.

    Paula Brown

    Paula BrownPsychology

    Ursuline helped give me a measure of confidence which brought me closer to understanding myself.

    Paloma DeFreeze

    Paloma DeFreezeFashion Design

    Ursuline helped me develop an awareness of spirituality and clarify my personal and professional values.

    Laura Frankhouser

    Laura FrankhouserFashion Design

    Ursuline College instilled in me that hard work and ambition will allow you to reach your goals.

    Clay Fellows

    Clay FellowsHistoric Preservation

    Very few schools offer a bachelor's in my major, and the inclusion of a bridge into the master’s...

    Barbara Mako Douglas, DNP, MBA, MSHS, CRNA

    Barbara Mako Douglas, DNP, MBA, MSHS, CRNAUndergraduate & Graduate Nursing

    Ursuline has opened many avenues for me.

    Rachel Jalowiec

    Rachel JalowiecUndergraduate Nursing

    The high standards set by Ursuline have taught me to set the bar high for myself.

    Caitlin Cusick

    Caitlin CusickOnline RN-to-BSN Program

    I am here to testify that dreams do come true.

    Kayla Bentley

    Kayla BentleyUndergraduate Nursing

    Ursuline is helping to shape me into a well-rounded nurse, the best nurse that I can be.

    Lauren Wojciechowski, BSN, RN

    Lauren Wojciechowski, BSN, RNGraduate Nursing

    I wanted a school that was close to home, accessible, and with an excellent reputation.

    Ashley Rowell

    Ashley RowellStudio Art

    The Art and Design program at Ursuline has been an amazing experience.

    Euneata Walker

    Euneata WalkerArt Therapy major & Psychology minor

    There is such a high-level focus on women’s studies; I feel that I’m represented here.

    Carlie Beal

    Carlie BealBiology

    The professors know who I am and are always there if I need help.

    Haley Knox

    Haley KnoxBusiness

    I loved the opportunity to get a business experience focused around helping others.

    Erin Childers, PhD

    Erin Childers, PhDChemistry/Biology

    The smaller class sizes at Ursuline allowed me to build lasting relationships with faculty and classmates.

    Courtney (Maurer) Stallman

    Courtney (Maurer) StallmanEducation

    I chose Ursuline for the small class sizes and it felt like home as soon as I stepped foot on campus.

    Alyssa Porter

    Alyssa PorterUndergraduate English

    As soon as I stepped on campus I knew that Ursuline was the school for me.

     Hannah Barucky

    Hannah BaruckyFashion Design

    The faculty make sure that we’re able to go into careers with everything we could possibly need.

    Kristen Jufko

    Kristen JufkoFashion Merchandising

    Ursuline helped me build relationships both personally and professionally.

    Rachel Stucke

    Rachel StuckeHistoric Preservation

    I can easily translate my knowledge from the classroom to the real world.

    Sarah Kiefer

    Sarah KieferPre-Law

    What I value most about my Ursuline education is the support I've received from professors.

    Allyson Weldon, PhD

    Allyson Weldon, PhDPsychology

    I wanted to be able to be known by my professors and not just “another number.”

    Shanell Harris

    Shanell HarrisSocial Work

    I would not have gotten the experience I had here at Ursuline College anywhere else.

    Lakeisha Outlaw

    Lakeisha OutlawSociology

    I gained incredible hands-on experience at Ursuline.

    Meena Asrat

    Meena AsratCounseling and Art Therapy

    Ursuline offered the combination of counseling and art therapy I was looking for.

    David Stec, MA

    David Stec, MAEducational Administration

    Ursuline College developed in me a set of values that guides my professional decisions each and every day.

    Karl Brunjes, MA

    Karl Brunjes, MAHistoric Preservation

    My Ursuline education was directly responsible for me being able to obtain my current job.

    Aly Nahra

    Aly NahraHistoric Preservation

    Ursuline has helped me become more socially conscious.